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I love Romance, New Adult, and Erotica books. I love sharing the books and authors that I love with people who have that in common or others who might not have ever known about them.
Oh, Brody, how you make me swoon! I'm so sad that this story is over. I can always go back and re-read it but it's never the same as experiencing it for the first time. Brody and Kacie's story was one of those that I knew from the beginning was special, and I love that warm feeling you get in your chest when you just know that you've stumbled upon something special. It makes you savor the whole experience that much more. I can't wait to see what Beth Ehemann produces in the future. She is a master of romance and swoon-worthy moments.

This book picks up right where Room for You left off, with Brody and Kacie's relationship still very new. Kacie is starting her externship at the hospital, Brody's hockey season is beginning again, and the twins are starting school. Finding time to spend together with hectic schedules is hard enough as it is. Throw in Kacie's ex-boyfriend and father of the girls back into the mix, plus the fact that Brody's contract is up after this season and could possibly be traded to another team, and you have a lot of stressors.

There's something very special about a man who steps into the role of a father for children that aren't his. But as far as Brody is concerned, Lucy and Piper are. Sharing DNA has very little to do with actually being a parent and Brody proves that over and over.

I loved everything about this series so much. It's about trust, healing, redemption, friends, forgiveness, second chances, and above all else, love.