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Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor, #1)

Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor, #1) - Jill Shalvis HOW have I never come across Jill Shalvis before?! This was my first Jill Shalvis book. In fact, until the other day, somehow I had never even heard of her. I had finished a book, written the review, and even with over one hundred books on my "to-be-read" shelf, I couldn't decide on which book to start next. Nothing was calling out to me. I've been in a constant state of reading a book for almost two years, so I couldn't sleep until I at least decided which one I was reading next.

It was just after midnight, I had to be up in a matter of a few hours for work, and I glanced at Twitter. I saw a fellow blogger tweet "Seriously, who hasn't read anything by Jill Shalvis yet?? You are missing out on some seriously SEXY HOT ALPHA MEN!". I immediately went to Goodreads, clicked on the first Jill Shalvis book that I saw and I swear I heard angels sing. I'd found it! And finally I could sleep.

Simply Irresistible was exactly what I needed! Jax Cullen was exactly what I needed. Plus there's always something that calls to me with books set in the mountains or the Pacific Northwest. I'm not sure why. Probably a combination of the fact that I've always dreamed of living in or around Seattle and the type of man that's typically in a book that's set there. Usually strong, rugged, sexy, down-to-earth, good guys (sometimes with a hint of bad).

Maddie's life is in shambles and she's looking for a do-over, a fresh start, anything other than what she just left behind. She's sworn off men and is solely focused on renovating and revamping the rundown inn that her mother left to her and her two sisters when she passed away.

Maddie and her sisters, Tara and Chloe, could not be more different from each other which makes for an interesting, hilarious, and fun dynamic. Her sisters have lives they want to get back to, and since Maddie is desperate to start a new one, it takes a lot of convincing on her part to get them to agree to give her a month to try to renovate and turn things around or they'll sell it and part ways.

The contractor that she hires is the last person she expects to shake up her world, but that's exactly what he does. With his rugged good looks, sexy smile, humor, and blatant interest in her, it's all Maddie can do to keep her distance.

I have a feeling Jill Shalvis is my new go-to author when I need a feel-good book. This was the perfect romantic comedy. It was funny, witty, steamy, and so much fun to read. I can't wait to read the next one!