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Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)

They've done it again! That was all I could think and precisely what I tweeted them immediately after finishing this book. When I first read Beautiful Bastard, I became an instafan of these ladies. Even though every book in the Beautiful series was kind of it's own separate story, I was still nervous for them because this was different. I don't know why I ever doubted them.

Ansel Guillaume is perfection. And the French language has never been so sexy, despite the horribly butchered American way I read it in my head. My God! His whispered words sent literal goosebumps over my skin more than a few times. But before I can dish more on Ansel, I have to talk about Mia.

We meet her and her best friends, Harlow and Lorelei (also known as Lola), on their way to Vegas after graduating from college. Mia is preparing to move to Boston in the fall to start business school, but first she's going to have a no holds barred, completely carefree trip to Sin City with her best girls. She needs to celebrate as much as she needs to forget, if just for a few days, that she's about to begin leading the life that her father wants for her, rather than follow her dreams. Not that she really knows what those are anymore.

What she doesn't expect is to meet an attractive man with a deliciously dimpled smile and a faint accent, with his two best friends in tow. They join forces, laugh, and consume amounts of alcohol only (barely) acceptable by Vegas standards.

Imagine her surprise when she wakes up the next morning, sore in places she'd nearly forgotten existed, naked and with only a note to keep her company, and absolutely no memory of the wild night prior. As it turns out, Ansel is just as charming in the harsh light of day and without the influence of alcohol. He's heading back to France, and he wants Mia to go with him. Apart from being charming, he's also apparently very persuasive because she follows him. She justifies that if she's going to be living her father's version of her life soon, then she deserves a few summer weeks in Paris to play.

And play she does.

I wanted to shake Mia at times. I wanted to punch her dad in the throat. I wanted to fu... well, let's just say that I really loved Ansel.

This book is chock full of... everything. Hilariously mortifying situations. Playful banter. Heart. Adventure. Sexy French language, locales, art, food. French everything. Sexy everything. A gorgeous man in a suit. A gorgeous man in boxers. A gorgeous man in nothing. Christ!

Christina and Lauren have proven time and time again that they have immense talent, an undeniable creative chemistry, romantic hearts, and deliciously dirty minds. If you're a fan of the Beautiful series, you will absolutely love Ansel and Mia in Sweet Filthy Boy. If you've never read a Christina Lauren masterpiece, do yourself an enormous favor. Read this book immediately. If you have read a Christina Lauren masterpiece, do yourself another favor. Read this book immediately.

Now I'm off to dream about licking Ansel's irresistible dimple and to anxiously and impatiently await Dirty Rowdy Thing. Hurry up, November! You can't come soon enough.

Bravo, ladies! Bravo!