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Saint Kate of the Cupcake: The Dangers of Lust and Baking

Saint Kate of the Cupcake: The Dangers of Lust and Baking - L.C. Fenton I was so excited to read this book. When I saw the cover it was love at first sight. And now that I've read it? I still love it! Saint Kate evoked so many emotions in me. I was really nervous about how I would feel about this book due to the cheating element but, without giving too much away, it works.

“A woman shouldn’t have to be responsible for a spotless house and her own orgasms. It’s a question of available energy.”

I love Kate. She's imperfect and makes mistakes but you find yourself being her cheerleader, even when you want to shake her. The journey you take with her spans many years, and considering how short the book is in relation, I am astounded at how well the author gets you to really know Kate. Her characters were all very believable and relatable, the dialogue was good, and she does an excellent job getting you to feel. I was very impressed by this book.

“Your image suits an affair like a pit bull suits a tiara. There is just no way you can make it work.”

You get to meet Kate just out of college, see her meet her future husband, have children, become a successful author, and watch her struggle with infidelity and the guilt and consequences that accompany that. There's also a ridiculously sexy, irresistable actor.

Saint Kate is a solid 4 star read and I look forward to reading more from this author.