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Mile High (Up In The Air, #2)

Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley 3.5 Stars

This series has a lot of potential, and while I like it, I don't love it. It's entertaining, and at certain points it can certainly be a page turner, but other times I really struggle to get through it. Some of the dialogue comes off as very corny to me. I also have a pet peeve about the word "affair" and this author uses it fairly often. When I say "affair", I mean when it's used like "it was a casual affair". I don't know why, but it grates on my nerves. I'm sure that you have some pet peeves as well. You can't please everyone, so I don't fault the author for it. It's my issue.

I don't ever want to come off as being a bully or nit-picky, and I certainly don't want to bash an author. Writing a book is hard work and it's very personal. I admire the courage that it takes to do that and I would hope, if I ever had the courage to write a book, that my readers would provide criticism without being hateful. So let me get on with what I do like about this book and about this series.

James Cavendish is mouthwatering. He's thoughtful, caring, and loving but he's also still the controlling dominant and that is so sexy to me. I love when a man can show his feelings, without being a giant sap. It's a fine line between being attractive and pathetic. James is definitely on the attractive side.

Bianca is independent and, while the whole commitmentphobe thing is a little been-there-done-that (though it's usually from the male side), R.K. Lilley has managed to make it believable in her case. You can completely relate to why she would feel that way. James Cavendish would be hard to resist, but I give the girl credit for sticking to her guns. Her past keeps her from ever wanting to be dependent on a man and I say good for her. I would feel the same way, though I don't know if I would be able to resist James' wishes for as long as she has.

R.K. is able to write an interesting, intriguing and pulse-pounding back story that keeps you interested. It's not enough to write sex scene after sex scene. The story needs to have some sort of meat. This one does. Oh, and the sex scenes it does have... Lord. Have. Mercy. (Horseback scene, hello?!)

All in all, it's kept me interested and entertained. I'm starting the final installment, Grounded, as soon as I wrap this up.