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Holy Frigging Matrimony (Tangled, #1.5)

Holy Frigging Matrimony (Tangled, #1.5) - Emma Chase Let me preface this by saying: *THIS IS A SHORT STORY* I don’t want anyone coming after me or Emma Chase with a pitchfork because you were under the impression that it is a full length novel.

With that said, I loved this story, length be damned! I have missed Drew Evans more than I even realized. This was a super quick read but it was so much fun! If you’re a fan of Tangled, you will love it. It’s got all of the humor, wit, sass, and sexiness that you’re used to. Come on, this is Drew Evans we’re talking about.

Emma Chase is some sort of word wizard because this was perfection and it was short, and it was a solid five stars! It couldn’t have been more perfect and how she crammed it all into this flawless little package is mind-boggling. But she more than did it!

This was just enough of a taste to get me thoroughly excited for Twisted. March 25, 2014 cannot come soon enough! Emma Chase earned an immediate fan in me when I read Tangled. I’ll read anything that woman writes. Okay, enough fan-girling!