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Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika, #2)

Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika, #2) - R.K. Lilley 4.5 Stars!

Whoa, where do I even begin? This story was so much more intense than I was expecting. I loved Tristan and Danika in Bad Things, but this book really dug a lot deeper.

Tristan has a very addictive and indulgent personality. After the loss of his brother he falls head first into sex, drinking, drugs, partying, and any other thing that can numb the pain and put a hazy film over the tragic reality that is his life.

Danika does her best to keep him on the straight and narrow. She encourages his career so that he will have something to focus on and a sense of purpose, but that only exacerbates the problems considering it puts them in a long distance relationship and he's constantly surrounded by temptation.

I lay awake for a long time, stroking his hair, watching him sleep, like a mama bear with a cub, knowing he was slipping away, knowing he was on the wrong path, a path that was bad for him and agonizing over what I could do to help him.

Tragedy strikes the two of them over and over and they slip further and further apart.

What was left of a woman when she gave a man everything?
The answer was easy.
Impossible to deny, even for me.
Nothing was left of her.

This book is a roller coaster and I am having a really hard time putting a lot of thought into this review because half of my mind is on the fact that I need to go start Lovely Trigger right now so I can find out what happens!

At first, we were drowning together, but my will to survive was too strong to let that continue forever.
My hold on him became weaker and weaker, and eventually, every finger broken, my hands opened, and I let him go.
No one could say I didn't fight for him. No one could say I didn't lose.

Tristan and Danika's story has completely hooked me.