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The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1)

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) - Kristen Ashley 5 STARS!

I will admit that I’m a huge cover snob. I always judge a book by it’s cover and I can’t help it. So I’m sad to admit that I put off reading this one for a long time. I could kick myself, because I’ve seriously been missing out! Kristen Ashley is awesome. This story was so many things. It had wit, humor, sass, love, sex appeal, intrigue, mystery, action, sadness, heartbreak, angst, jealousy, loss, grief, and so many other things that I’m leaving out. But if I had to choose just one word to describe this story, it would be beautiful.

Nina Sheridan needs a break. Her life in England is boring, predictable, and she’s about to marry a man who will only insure a lifetime of boredom named Niles. Even is name makes me snooze. She decides to get away from it all, telling Niles she needs a break from him and to think things through, and goes to spend two weeks in the mountains in Colorado. She travels for an entire day, arriving to the cabin she’s rented on a mountain at night, at the beginning of a snowstorm with a nasty bout of the flu that’s about to take her down.

She arrives exhausted and not feeling well only to find out that the cabin she’s rented and travelled around the world for is not empty. There’s a surly, albeit attractive, man that basically tells her to get lost. After several frustrated exchanged words, she leaves in a huff and skids into a ditch in the treacherous weather. She wakes up two days later, in a warm bed, in a beautiful A-frame cabin on a mountain. The same beautiful A-frame cabin that she rented for two weeks. Hudson “Max” Maxwell has nursed Nina back to health for two days.

Max and Nina have both suffered tremendous losses in their lives, both convinced that they aren’t destined for happily-ever-afters. The next two weeks Max spends trying to convince Nina that she should take a gamble for once, on him. She’s tough, stubborn, and smart-mouthed woman. He’s a strong, alpha, mountain man. The butt heads at every turn and it’s entertaining, hilarious, and endearing.

This book is full of interesting characters, twists and turns, and the ability to make you feel like the two weeks Nina and Max spend together is more like two years. Be prepared to fall in love.

By the way, Max’s nickname for Nina, Duchess, is probably my favorite nickname ever. Fitting and adorable.