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I love Romance, New Adult, and Erotica books. I love sharing the books and authors that I love with people who have that in common or others who might not have ever known about them.

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley I recently discovered that magic that is Kristen Ashley. And if you haven't read anything she's written yet, then that is precisely what you're missing out on - magic. She has a gift. Some people tell stories and some people make you experience them. Sweet Dreams was definitely an experience.

Lauren/Laurie/Ace has lived a charmed life. But only by everyone else's standards. She's married to a wealthy man and lives in a magnificent home in a gated community. But when Laurie discovers that Brad has been cheating on her for 5 years with her best friend and then leaves her, she starts anew. She leaves behind everything in search of a quiet town in the middle of nowhere to find peace. What she finds is Tatum Jackson.

Tatum Jackson is a bad ass, biker, bounty hunter and part owner of the bar where Laurie has recently become employed. He takes one look at her and very clearly (and vocally) expresses he wants nothing to do with her. Laurie and Tate butt heads until they can't deny their attraction.

This book is such a whirlwind and is so long (but not painfully so, more like deliciously) that I can only sum it up like this: ill family members, rapist murderers, crazy exes, deaths, break ups, grudges, motorcycles, love, loss, secrets, and self-discovery. It's one of those books that makes you laugh out loud and keeps you smiling for countless pages. It also makes your heart hurt, race, and drop into your stomach. Like I said - Kristen Ashley has a gift.