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Love and Lists, Chocoholics #1

Love and Lists, Chocoholics #1 - Tara Sivec Another foul-mouthed nugget of awesome from Tara Sivec. All of these books are so full of hilarity, inappropriateness, curse words, and more references to sex and genitalia than any other book out there. There is so much ridiculousness that has you laughing out loud through the whole thing.

Gavin is the foul-mouthed 4-year-old boy from the Chocolate Lovers series that is now a foul-mouthed 25-year-old boy. At 4 he was cute, at 25 he's smokin' hot. Charlotte is the daughter of Gavin's parents' best friends and they've grown up together. They're best friends. But Gavin is secretly in love with her.

Gavin's best friend, Tyler, gets a brilliant idea to create a to-do list of items in order to win her over. Unfortunately Tyler is not the greatest person to be taking advice from. The first red flag should be when Tyler suggests the first item of business is "show her your penis". As you can imagine, with this guy as your sidekick, chaos and hilarity ensues.

This was exactly the lighthearted comedy that I needed as a pick-me-up. You can always count on Tara Sivec to make you laugh.