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Love Irresistibly (FBI / US Attorney, #4)

Love Irresistibly (FBI / US Attorney, #4) - Julie James Julie James is one of those authors that I read when I need a feel-good book. When the books I've been reading have subject matter that's too heavy or I've just read the 17th book about a sexy billionaire and I just need a break. Julie has always been there for me. It's like comfort food or your favorite sitcom that you've seen 34 times and still love. Her books are that funny, sexy, romantic comedy that you watch over and over. It's just good.

Julie always puts me in a good mood. Her witty dialogue is superb and she creates characters that you can't help but love. And boy do I love Cade Morgan. Insert swoon-y dramatic sigh here. He's a ridiculously good-looking Assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago. He prosecutes bad guys. Hello, hero! Obviously, he's smart - an AUSA would have to be. He's funny, witty, charming, and an ex-college football star quarterback, so you know he's athletic and sexy as all hell. I repeat, I love Cade Morgan.

Brooke Parker is a lawyer herself. She's general counsel for an up-and-coming restaurant company, Sterling Restaurants. When Cade needs her help to nail down a corrupt politician, the barbs and sparks begin to fly between them. But both Cade and Brooke are extremely career-oriented and very busy, so they begin a casual, friends-with-benefits affair. But you know how this goes in the romantic comedies right? They're all the same, and somehow you can't help but want to watch them again and again, still sitting on the edge of your seat because maybe, just maybe, this time there won't be a happy ending.

But here's the other thing Julie is good at - making you care. She is fantastic at putting other elements in the story that make you feel, keep you hooked, and wanting more. It's not just another Do They or Don't They?