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In Flight (Up In The Air, #1)

In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley Every time I start a new book, I take a chance on it. But very rarely do I give it a second chance. I read this book a long time ago and I was not a fan. I could not understand why everyone was gaga over this series. But then I read Tristan and Danika’s story, Bad Things, and loved it. As time went on and I just kept seeing five-star, after rave, after recommendation, after accolade, after five-star, after five-star for this book I thought I’d give it another shot. My theory is that I tried to read it much too soon after reading 50 Shades. This book is not to be read while in the midst of a 50 Shades hangover. It’s just too similar and it was too soon post-50 to enjoy it properly.

So anyway, to sum up, I gave this book a second chance. And this time I was actually able to enjoy it! It had all the things I love. A brooding, powerful, dominating male. A strong, independent (albeit a tad codependent on her BFF), sexy female. I love when a dominant male has a hard time taming the female love interest. I like when she can hold her own, and Bianca does just that. She’s proud of her accomplishments and isn’t interested in being a kept woman.

James Cavendish is a powerful CEO with a penchant for a little thing known as BDSM. Bianca Karlsson is a flight attendant with the height and looks of a super model and a troubled past. She’s been on her own since she was a teen, with the exception of her best friend, coworker, and neighbor Stephan.

When James meets Bianca, he decides he has to have her, but Bianca has never needed anyone but herself and Stephan, and she’s not about to change that. He does his best to convince Bianca to take a chance on him, even getting Stephan on his side.

They start a relationship that is hot and heavy but James has been with his share of women (even including actresses and singers), and one in particular, Bianca discovers, appears to still be heavily involved in his life. When Bianca’s past and biggest nightmare shows back up in her life, they both have to figure out where to go from there.

And that is where I’m left. So given the cliffhanger and my extreme curiosity, I’m wrapping up this review so I can continue James and Bianca’s story.