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Scared Scriptless: A Novel

Scared Scriptless: A Novel - Alison Sweeney Who knew Alison Sweeney wrote books? Because I didn't! I remember my mom watching Days of our Lives religiously when I was a kid and I always remember thinking how beautiful Alison was. It feels strange now so many years later to receive an ARC of her book to review.

Scared Scriptless was a light hearted, entertaining read. It's obvious that Alison's background aided her in writing this novel, as the majority of it circulates around the behind-the-scenes aspect and making of a television show.

Maddy Carson is a script supervisor for a popular nighttime drama (think Scandal or Grey's Anatomy). She's an extremely organized, schedule-oriented, list-making, planner. Nobody could accuse her of being a person who can go with the flow. Most of the books is her work life, and it was a lot of fun to experience that aspect with her. This book makes you feel like you are Maddy's girlfriend, getting to tag along to quietly watch all of the excitement and ogle the hunky stars.

When she decides to take the plunge to create a reality show in hopes of helping out her family and hometown full of friends, you really get into the challenges she faces and the stress that she feels. It really makes you root for her and want her to come out on top.

There's also a love story and some turmoil surrounding that aspect of her life. She casually dates Craig, her boss (who I felt was a slimeball from the get-go), all while Adam Devin, hotshot new actor on the show, tries to sweep her off her feet.

While the love story and Maddy's personal transformation are meant to be the main focus of this book with the hollywood aspect being sort of a backdrop, it was really kind of reversed. I felt like so much of the book focused on her job and the behind-the-scenes that the relationships were a bit forced and glazed over. I really liked Maddy, and could connect with her on a certain level but I never really felt a strong connection with the guys, or anyone else in the book for that matter.

Her work life was enjoyable, but the rest I could kind of just take it or leave it. If you need a break from reading some heavier subject matter, this is a fun and quick read to break up the tension.

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