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Searching for Perfect

Searching for Perfect - Jennifer Probst ARC courtesy of Gallery, Threshold, Pocketbooks via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, but I can't help it if it's true: Jennifer Probst is one of those feel-good authors. It's always a good romantic comedy. I loved Searching for Perfect, even moreso than Searching for Someday. Kennedy and Nate are both fantastic. I can really relate a lot to Kennedy and who doesn't love a Clark Kent-esque sexy nerd? My God, nerds do their homework. Talk about a sexpert.

Nate, formerly known as Ned, is a bonafide rocket scientist. You can bet your ass he will correct you if you call him that though. He's an aerospace engineer, so he's brilliant. But he's painfully awkward and bit oblivious when it comes to the opposite sex, thanks to his bachelor-for-life brother, Connor, and the wretched advice he gives him. Nate goes to a speed dating event held by Kinnections and he spectacularly makes an ass out of himself. Enter Kennedy.

Kennedy is a no-nonsense, business-savvy matchmaker. Love is her expertise and she takes it very seriously, except when it comes to her own life. Casual hook-ups and fun are all she allows herself to have. Kennedy makes Nate her pet project and commits to making this man desirable and finding him his lifelong mate. But what happens when Nate thinks he might have already found her in Kennedy? Things get intense, steamy, and complicated.

This story was fun, extremely sexy, and smile-inducing. You can't miss out on Nate the sexy rocket scientist.