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Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall - Daisy Prescott Ready to Fall is Daisy Prescott's second book, and a spinoff to her first, Geoducks are for Lovers. But I happened upon this one on Goodreads and saw that it could be read as a standalone and something in the blurb called to me. I had to read it. So I did something I rarely do - I read the second one first.

Ready to Fall has been added to my all-time favorites and will, without a doubt, be on my list of top reads in 2014. It's been a long time since I've felt this way about a book and I could tell very early on that it was special. It was the kind of story that warms you all over and stays with you long after you've finished the last page. You can even check the status updates on my Goodreads. I knew I was reading something special by 10% in.

One of the things that makes it special is that it's different from a lot of the stuff floating around out there. Don't get me wrong, I like Doms, subs, billionaires, rock stars and heaps of sex as much as the next girl. But this book is a breath of fresh air. It has none of that and I love it! (Okay, not none, it does have some pretty hot sex.)

John Day is a bearded, flannel-wearing logger, living on the beach on an island in Washington. He lives a simple life and doesn't need much. He has his aunt and uncle, his friend Donnely, and his dog Babe. He dates casually but has no desire to settle down.

Diane Watson is a city girl who's going through a nasty divorce. She escapes to the pacific northwest while the messiness irons itself out, unwittingly leasing the house next door to the attractive lumberjack. When Diane nearly burns the house down on her first day by forgetting to open the flue on the wood-burning stove, John barges into her life to save the day. From that day, their lives changed forever and everything was right with the world. Okay, maybe not, but everything was right in my world.

Diane still has open wounds from her divorce and John has scars from his messy past, so the only option is to form an unlikely friendship. John shows Diane around the island, helping her get on her feet and get her independence back. But before long, they can't ignore their undeniable mutual attraction.

When the demons of John's past rear their ugly heads and Diane's divorce is finalized, their future becomes uncertain. John has never needed anyone else and that way of life is simple and uncomplicated and not something he necessarily wants to give up. But when something potentially tragic strikes his life again, that all immediately changes. But Diane's been jerked around before, will she have waited around for John to change his mind?

This story has such a soft spot in my heart. John and Diane's story was definitely a special one for me. I'm so thankful that I recognized it early on so that I could savor every word. There's nothing like experiencing a great story for the first time. And while I'm sad that it's over, I'm so excited to have found a new author that I love. She has immediately been added to the "I'll Read Whatever You Write" category. Trust me, read this book!