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Searching for Someday

Searching for Someday - Jennifer Probst Nothing is more fun than watching two people fall in love who are complete opposites. And what is more opposite than a matchmaker and a divorce lawyer?

Kate owns a matchmaking company called Kinnections with her two best friends, Kennedy and Arilyn, just outside of New York City. When Slade’s sister Jane signs up for Kate’s service, the overprotective brother has to check it out for himself.

Slade is bitter, both from being divorced and from being a divorce lawyer. He doesn’t believe in true love and thinks that Kate and her business are nothing but a scam. He goes in to confront her and they immediately butt heads.

“How do you sleep at night?” Finally. Her muscles tightened, and Slade circled his prey for the kill shot. “You’re selling something that doesn’t exist. Do you take responsibility for the broken relationships and hearts you created along the way? Is there a disclaimer clause for divorces that occur from your matches? Do you like taking a lonely woman’s hard-earned savings while she keeps pouring money into a search that never gives her what she wants?”

Slade decides to sign up with Kinnections to see for himself what his sister is in for. But when Kate’s special gift of detecting connections between people indicates that Slade may be meant for her, things start to get interesting. Slade is extremely attracted to her and it’s all she can do to keep him at bay.

“I’m a divorce lawyer and a man who’s attracted to you. You’d be crazy to trust me.”

Kate continues to set Slade up on dates, convinced she can find him the one. But all he wants is her and while the women he’s seeing seem perfect on paper, there’s no spark. He needs to get Kate out of his system.

Their wit and banter through the whole book is so entertaining.

“Do you have any remorse from your actions? You ruined my Saturday evening and treated Hannah like a commodity rather than a date. Have you no shame?”
“Baby, I’m a divorce lawyer. I left shame at the door the moment I stepped through the doors at Harvard.”
She sniffed. “Big Ivy school doesn’t impress me. Even blond cheerleaders can get into law school there.”
He sputtered. “If you’re even trying to cite Legally Blonde to me, I will sue you. I barely made it out of that place alive, and I can assure you, there were no sorority girls there.”

When Kate keeps denying her connection with Slade, her gift vanishes. She can finally admit to herself that she wants to be with Slade but he is still convinced that love isn’t real, and the future each of them wants isn’t one they can agree on. Things finally come to a head and you’ll have to read it to find out if Kate gets her gift back and the guy or if both were never meant to be.