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I love Romance, New Adult, and Erotica books. I love sharing the books and authors that I love with people who have that in common or others who might not have ever known about them.

Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1)

Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1) - Georgia Cates 3.5 stars!

Laurelyn Prescott is a budding musician from Nashville who needs an escape from her career, her ex-boyfriend and her life. Jack McLachlan is a multiple vineyard-owning billionaire in Australia and is exactly kind of escape Laurelyn needs.

Jack doesn’t do serious or long-term relationships, commitments or even real names. He can only promise a good time. When he sees Laurelyn by chance in a blues club where she performs during an open mic night, he sets his sights on her and purposely puts himself in her path to meet her. He propositions her with an irresistible three months with him – no names, no pretensions, no expectations.

They embark on a journey together filled with passion, jealousy, mystery, deception and heartache.