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Avoiding Intimacy

Avoiding Intimacy - K.A. Linde ★★★★

The Avoiding series is by far one of my most favorites. K.A. Linde can write angst like nobody's business. Avoiding Intimacy is a spin-off novella about Lexi's best friend, Chyna. I think because I love Lexi's story so much and it's so full of palm-sweating, heart-palpitating angst that Chyna's story seemed tame in comparison. It was still a fun read and I enjoyed getting to know the New York princess.

Chyna's story of self-discovery in Avoiding Intimacy is interesting. It sucks you in very early and makes it a fun, quick read with it's glitz, glam, and of course, sex.

Chyna learns an important lesson - you never really know what you have until it's gone. Adam is a treasure. He loves her, he's good to her. I wanted to shake Chyna for making the decision to go to Milan and effectively ending her relationship with him. But I understand why she did it. Chyna has had everything handed to her on a silver platter her entire life. Can you imagine living a life that centered around nothing? She has no job - unless you consider partying and shopping work - and not much of a family to speak of. She needs something that is hers. She needs to prove that she's worth more than just a spoiled party girl. That her life has some kind of meaning and she can make something of herself.
While this installment in the Avoiding series definitely gave me my fix and helped me take a peek behind the curtain into Chyna's mind, I am so ready for the rest of Lexi's story.

RAMSEY OR JACK?! Dear God, please let it be Ramsey.