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Lovely Trigger

Lovely Trigger - R.K. Lilley 4.5 STARS!

Tristan and Danika's story was intense from the start. Their relationship is explosive and passionate. There is a lot of pain, loss, and heartache in their past when this book starts.

"Love doesn't let you walk away clean. Love is messy. Love takes a fucking piece of you before it's done."

They both go years trying to move on with their lives but the wound is hard to close when they see each other several times over the years due to mutual friends and proximity. The wound stays open and tender, and emotions stay very near to the surface.

I wasn't sure that R.K. could redeem Tristan for me, but I had to start Lovely Trigger as soon as I was done with Rock Bottom because I was so anxious to watch her try. Boy, did she ever. In the first two books, Danika was the one you stuck behind and cheered for. In this one, it's Tristan all the way. He's rehabbed, he's grown up, and he's a man that knows that he wants.

"Oh, sweetheart. You haven’t been paying attention … I am the guy who has been in love with you for over six fucking years. I am the guy that has thought about you every day. I miss you every day. What happened — what we lost together — breaks my heart, but it doesn’t change anything."

R.K. is very good at creating believable and real characters and developing the relationships between them. It makes it feel that much more real because you're more invested. I genuinely cared about the fate of every supporting character in the book. They all had a purpose, a story, and a genuine connection.

“You don't need to follow every impulse in life; you don't need to take on every gamble. But some, even ones that have burned you before, well some of them you do. Some of the sweetest moments in life come from second chances.”

This was the perfect end to an emotional roller coaster of a series. I wouldn't have ended it any other way. It took all of the loose strings that were blown apart in the first two books and tied them together in a neat, pretty, little bow. And had you eating it up. You have to experience Tristan and Danika.