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All the Pretty Poses

All the Pretty Poses - M. Leighton Reese and Kennedy have loved each other since they were practically kids. But this isn't your grandmother's love story. This is a story about love lost, about the pain and scars that it leaves behind. This is a story about what happens when those two people see each other again for the first time in a decade and a half.

The draw, like gravity.
The desire, like obsession.
The pain, like annihilation.

Kennedy's dream has always been to dance. It should be no surprise that when Reese finds her again, that dancing is exactly what she's doing. But it is a surprise. Shock, in fact. But more so due to the fact that she's dancing in one of his high end clubs. When Kennedy locks eyes with him, it's as if she's been transported back fourteen years.

I thought I was over him. For years, I've thought I was over him, but seeing him again... even for three minutes... right out of the blue... God, it was like being hit by a car going ninety miles an hour. All over again. The instant I saw him, everything I ever felt for him came crashing back down on me, like an avalanche. One that it took me half my life to crawl out from under.

Reese can't stand the idea of other men gawking at her, even if she isn't taking her clothes off, and offers her a deal she would be hard pressed to turn down. Dance on his yacht for the summer, for one of his pleasure cruises, and he will get her an audition to dance with the troupe of her dreams. But Kennedy would rather put a campfire out with her face than subject herself to the pain and suffering that she endured over a decade ago.

Yet here I am, listening to his proposition, actually considering it, because he's dangling the one carrot that could make me question whether or not I should turn around and walk away. For good. Forever.

Ultimately, Kennedy accepts his proposal and agrees to work for him, but she makes it very clear that their relationship will be nothing but a professional employer/employee relationship. Unfortunately for her, this only serves to make the challenge more fun for Reese. Not only does he intend to have her to purge her from his system, but she's just upped the ante by telling him he can't have what he wants. And Reese always gets what he wants.

He's made it known that he wants me, that he intends to have me. And I have made it known that I intend to make sure that doesn't happen. We are admittedly engaged in a battle of wills. But something deep inside me realizes that this is only the beginning, that Reese has yet to really even exert himself, and that when he does, this battle is going to become much more difficult for me. And much more dangerous

But that's partly what makes it so thrilling. Somewhere in the back of my mind and the bottom of my heart, I wonder if I'm really strong enough to resist. Or if I even really want to. I wonder if there's a part of me that wants to get back what we had all those years ago, when love was still young and fresh and perfect and unscathed, to get that back even for a moment. Or a month. Or a summer. If that would even be possible.

So much about what I enjoyed in this book is the constant tension, the bantering back and forth, their game of cat and mouse. Kennedy can only deny herself for so long before she finally gives in to her heart's desire. But Reese is keeping a secret that ruins everything and she is thrust once again into the pain of losing him.

"I've loved you from the moment I met you. For fourteen years, I've loved you. And I'll love you for a million more." I hear another pause before the door opens and then closes with a hushed, final click. That's when the pain really stars.

But when Reese inadvertently uncovers a secret that Kennedy was keeping, their worlds are once again turned upside down. It leads to uncovering more and more life-altering secrets that leave you breathless.

I realize that our world has come full circle. That, for all the pain and suffering, for all the lies and deception, that everything is as it should be. That the journey doesn't dictate the end. We do. Our choices determine the shape and path of our life.

I think that is beautiful. Everyone should live their lives to the fullest, not letting the past hold them back, for your past surely shapes who you are but your choices today shape the rest of your life.

You won't want to miss out on Kennedy and Reese. Trust me.